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Event Registration

Topic: "Give Your Medicare Advantage Plan Website a Thorough Independent Annual Review"

Dates: Weekly beginning February 25

Fee: $750 per organization

Join HealthMetrix Research President Alan Mittermaier for a one-hour consultation webinar highlighting the 2018 MedicareWebWatch website findings along with MedicareWebWatch certification details for your organization. Included are actionable build-out insights for how your organization's Medicare Advantage website can become more relevant and ready to meet the growing expectations of plan members, age-ins and caregivers. The webinar also covers best practices from industry-leading websites recognized for "Excellence in Website Content, Connectivity, Design and Transparency".

HealthMetrix Research President Alan Mittermaier has an extensive background from advising over 60 Medicare Advantage sponsors and related organizations including Mathematica Policy Research, National Council on Aging (NCOA) and Research Triangle International. Mr. Mittermaier also offers his unique perspective as a Medicare Advantage plan enrollee.

Each webinar will accommodate up to 20 attendees and will be recorded for your organization's internal use. Note: The registration fee ($750) can be credited towards the 2018 MedicareWebWatch certification licensing fee.

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