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2018 MedicareWebWatch Project Certification FAQs


What organization administers the MedicareWebWatch Project certification program?

HealthMetrix Research Inc., an independent managed care research organization, developed and administers the MedicareWebWatch Project voluntary certification program.

What is the scope of website features that the MedicareWebWatch Project certification program addresses?

The certification program addresses four website categories covering 50 features:

  • Plan-specific and external content (13 features)
  • Member connectivity and solutions (22 features)
  • Design and navigation (6 features)
  • Transparency and advanced content (9 features)

Upon successful certification, what resources and deliverables are available to each Medicare plan?

The following licensed resources and deliverables are available upon successful certification.

  • 2018 MedicareWebWatch certification seal for display in print and electronic media
  • 2018 MedicareWebWatch certification status page link
  • 2018 MedicareWebWatch customized news release
  • 2019 website build-out recommendations

Are there fees associated with the MedicareWebWatch Project certification program and resources?

Yes, HealthMetrix Research has established the fee schedule below for the certification review and licensing program.

  • 2018 certification annual licensing fee: $2,400.00
    (Valid through January 31, 2019)
  • Consultation webinar for both certified and non-certified websites: $750.00
    (The $750.00 consultation webinar fee will be credited to the annual certification fee) 

Do Medicare plans have the opportunity to modify their websites based on the results of the initial certification and request a follow-up review?

Yes, HealthMetrix Research provides the initial certification review results and will conduct a follow-up review within 60 days, upon request.

Are Section 508 accessibility standards validated to ensure website compliance?

Yes.  The MedicareWebWatch Project tests Section 508 accessibility compliance for each website.

What about the CMS Guidelines (Chapter 100) for websites? 

HealthMetrix Research assumes that Medicare plan websites meet the CMS website content and design criteria, although the CMS criteria are less comprehensive in scope than for MedicareWebWatch Project certification.

If a plan does not meet all the MedicareWebWatch Project criteria, does HealthMetrix Research provide recommendations to help meet the criteria?


What information has HealthMetrix Research provided to CMS regarding the MedicareWebWatch Project certification program?

HealthMetrix Research president Alan Mittermaier presented an overview about the MedicareWebWatch Project certification program on October 8, 2009 to the CMS Marketing Product Consistency Team (PCT). Attendees included staff from the CMS Division of Policy, Analysis & Planning along with marketing reviewers from all 10 CMS regional offices. There are no compliance issues related to displaying and/or distributing the MedicareWebWatch certification images and news release on plan websites or print media.

Does HealthMetrix Research receive external funding or sponsorship for conducting the MedicareWebWatch Project certification program?